Fritzl Great Dane Puppy Male in Blaine, Minnesota

My story
Guten Tag!  My name is Fritzl, but I mostly go by Fritz.  If my greeting didn’t give it away, let me share with you that I’m a multilingual 8 month old Great Dane.  My previous owner taught me commands in German and my foster family interchanged English/German commands so I know both.  My vocabulary is growing daily, but I have learned commands/words such as sit, come, down, shake, outside, ball, my name, treat, etc.  Not only am I really smart and a quick learner, I’m also charming and affectionate to my humans.  An hour doesn’t go by that I don’t share my nuzzles, snuggles and licks of adoration with the humans in my house.  Those that know me say that I’m pretty good mannered for an older puppy.My days are filled with joyful play with my foster family, guests and the other nonhumans in and around here, including dogs, cats, ducks and chickens.  I get along well with nonhumans just as much as humans, but I especially love playing with a retriever here.  We have loads of fun and try to not get into mischief while we play and zip around the house. When we aren’t frolicking, I love chasing balls and digging out every toy to play with.  Squeaker toys and tug toys are also my favorites to play with.  My foster parents take me outside often to walk and check up on those noisy ducks and chickens. I would say I’m a great helper, but mostly I like to be outside checking out all the smells and exploring our jaunts.  By night time, I’m exhausted and ready for bed.  When my foster humans are gone, I have acclimated to a kennel, but sleep freely at night.  I most definitely am potty trained so no worries in that department, I wait by the door and sometimes have to scratch the door to get my human’s attention.   Not to brag too much, but I am positive my human family appreciates that I let them know when someone drives into the driveway.  Even though my bark is loud, it is a friendly bark and I eagerly wait with my tail wagging by the door to see who has come to see me. If I know the visitor, I’m excited to say hello and greet them with exuberant kisses; I’m more mildly restrained when new visitors arrive (at least for 30 seconds).  I’m a really great catch when it comes down to it, trust me!Note from Foster – Fritz is truly an incredibly friendly, affectionate, well behaved older Great Dane puppy.  He gets along with all animals, big and small.  At times he forgets his size difference with the smaller dogs/cats but is always excitedly gentle.  Fritz has been really good with meeting and greeting new people in the house and out in public.  He has not been around small children but we have no reason to believe he won’t be just as affectionate.  At first we were feeding the dogs separately but have now started leaving food out in several locations for all the dogs and this has been going well as well.  Fritz walks well with a harness and leash; we continue to work on heeling.  He is a big sweet goofball and he will charm anyone within minutes of warming up.   ##1353774##
If you have any questions or would like to adopt Fritzl, please reach out to the adoption group directly. PetSmart Charities does not facilitate the adoption process. Thank you.

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